your wedding is art.

Who says you have to just like ONE certain style for your wedding? I’m a huge believer that if you love it, you should incorporate it! Some people thing that everything needs to match, but I am not one of those people. I LOVE seeing quirky details at weddings that don’t necessarily MATCH, but that coordinate. I think it’s a great way to showcase a brides personality AND the grooms too.

I use Pinterest A LOT to gain inspiration for a lot of different things. I love seeing fresh new wedding ideas pop up in my feed. Also, I love following my current brides because it gives me an insight into the planning that they are doing. And it gives me some visual inspiration for what I can expect as their wedding day approaches. And as a photographer, knowing what direction your bride is heading in artistically for her wedding day is huge.

Here’s a couple of images of what is inspiring me about weddings these days. I’m a huge fan of color, playful details, and also dramatic beautiful details too. It’s so inspiring to me that your wedding day can be a TRUE expression of YOU. An piece of ART, if you will. Most of my brides have carefully crafted together their wedding day with such care and concern. You can’t help but look at it as art. So, check it out and follow me on Pinterest.

Have a stellar Monday!

* All images found on Pinterest. But they can also be found at (from left to right): Southern Weddings, Anew Event, Grey Likes Weddings, Project Wedding, Emmaline Bride, and The Wedding Tribune.


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