make time for you.

I get up before my kids every day. I have to. I can’t start my day right off the bat as a mom. I need to have an hour or two of just ME time because honestly, I don’t know for sure if I’ll get it throughout the day. So I get up every single morning, turn on some soft lights that we have, and I enjoy a cup of coffee. I never liked coffee until we had kids. But now I can’t start the day without it. HA! We have a Keurig and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. We buy the Newman’s Organic Keurig Cups and it’s my favorite thing to do by myself every morning. When my alarm clock goes off first thing, I’m tempted to hit snooze but then I honestly remember that I have a cup of coffee waiting for me and it really helps me to get up.

Is that dumb?? I don’t care if it is.

I think as a mom, you should find one thing that you LOVE to do and do it FIRST when you get up. That might be working out, taking a shower, having a cup of coffee, reading, watching the news, sitting outside, talking to your mom on the phone- whatever it is. Get up and do it first before the day gets away from you. By the time your kids get up, you’ll at least feel like you are an actual woman and not just a mom when getting the day started. It’s so important to do small, little things for yourself. It’s so easy to forget about it. So yes, it takes a little sacrifice of sleep on my end. But I know I’m worth it. The house is usually dark still (I get up between 5:30 and 6), it’s completely quiet, and I am always on the lookout for fun mugs to drink out of. It totally makes my day and I really look forward to it.

My encouragement? Make time for YOU. You are worth it and you work hard all day long. You’re not just a mom. You are a woman who was just a woman before kids came into the picture. You had things you liked to do and you made yourself a priority. So why would it be different now that your kids are here? I understand the amount of work and energy they can suck out of you faster than a vacuum- TRUST ME, I GET IT. But you are important. Not only that, but I want my boys to grow up noticing that mommy takes care of herself too. And that I do and like things that don’t have to involve just being a mom.

For me, that cup of coffee is one piece of sanity in a probably crazy day that lies ahead of me. And I really cherish it.

What are some things YOU do that are just for you?


2 thoughts on “make time for you.

  1. wish I had that kind of motivation to get up early and enjoy a quiet cup of coffee (love my keurig too)…I love my sleep too much…guess that’s what I do for me time…sleep!

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