fab you bliss.

Something that we have become passionate about ever since we started our business as Session Nine, is our marriage and our family. That sounds weird to say, because we should have been passionate about those things BEFORE our business started. And we were. But there’s A LOT that we’ve had to learn, trouble shoot, and get creative with ever since Session Nine Photographers was born.

And we’ve found ourselves becoming passionate about sharing our knowledge, what we’ve done right AND wrong, and have grown to love sharing our experiences with others. Encouraging others to do what it takes to make their dreams come true and inspiring others to work hard to do it is something that I (Jess) have come to really love with this platform that we have.

Today, I am stoked to share that I am scratching the surface on the topic of how we make our marriage work over at Fab You Bliss! I found through writing this post that I have A LOT of thoughts on the topic; about how we make it work and about how we balance it all. It’s tricky sometimes, but we find joy in doing what we love, while working really hard to put each other and our little family first. So if you’re interested in seeing what I have to say about how Jay and I work together as a married couple, and about we make it work, head on over to Fab You Bliss to check out my post! And stay awhile to see what Fab You Bliss is all about! She’s got some pretty cool things going on over there, as a blog that focuses on DIY crafts, fashion, cooking, weddings, photography & inspirational topics. Pretty sweet stuff, for sure!

* Family photo taken by Mike Olbinski.


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