add color.

I find that a huge source of my inspiration comes from color. Color can change anything. It can change your spirits when you’re down. It can make the entire landscape of a room look different. Even colorful food looks and probably tastes better than food that is drab. Color is a total game changer, in my opinion, and I seek to fill my world with it.

The key is, to not be afraid of it. Why are so many of us afraid of color? It’s just color! If you hate it, you can usually change it back.

Unless you hate the color of your tattoo. That would be unfortunate.

I’m a firm believer that we were intended to use color to enhance our lives, and not to fear it. I don’t think we are meant to live inside brown homes with brown walls and brown decor. We were meant to take chances, be brave and LIVE A LITTLE. Take the chance next time and brighten up your life with some COLOR. Here are a few examples of how color inspires me.

First, I am OBSESSED with kitchenware. Mostly plates. My very own plate collection at home doesn’t match at all. Not one. single. plate. matches. And I love it. My favorite spots to search for plates, bowls and cups are Anthropologie (of course), Savers and Goodwill. I will search until I find awesome plates that I just HAVE to have and that are simply BURSTING with color. And I don’t have any that are like the other. It makes me smile every day.

*Photo found on Anthropologie’s website.

Seeing very bold pops of color whenever I shoot a wedding is ALWAYS thrilling to me. It just screams CELEBRATION, which is exactly why we are all there! It says a lot about a bride when she wants to take some risks with the colors she chooses and the decor of her wedding. Here’s a few examples, which, none of these pictures are mine. But they are really awesome and inspiring.

*All of these images were found on Pinterest.

And lastly, (for today) is your space. I think that whatever space you are living and working in should definitely reflect colors that make you happiest, calmest, and most comfortable. For me, that could be a lot of different colors. I am a huge fan of most things that are bright and bold in color. Right now, my own home would actually reflect white walls but that’s only because we moved two months ago and I’m trying to narrow it down to a couple of colors that I would like my home to be. It’s hard to pick. But here’s a few examples of different pops of color that I would love to have in my own home.

* All four of these images found on Pinterest.

I find that fabulous color can brighten and change any room, enhance any celebration, and bring a lot of joy to even the small things in life. And if all it takes is to add a little color to make things a little better, then SIGN ME UP.

Have a rad week you guys! I know I will. I’m turning THIRTY at the end of it and I’m seriously STOKED.


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