lovely stems.

One of my favorite details with photographing weddings is the FLOWERS. Gorgeous, delicate, fabulous one of a kind bridal bouquets that my brides will carry down the aisle to meet her future hubby. They’re so romantic, beautiful and can be as extravagant or simple as you want. I wanted to include a few photos from weddings we’ve shot to showcase OUR brides bouquets to give you some inspiration. And as I was looking back through photos for this blog post, I was even uplifted by the thought of how uniquely different all of these bouquets are. And about how much each one says a LOT about each bride, now that I know them all really well.

And since yesterdays post was about color and how much I LOVE it, I feel like I DO need to mention how much I adore when a bride picks fabulously bright, jumping out of the photo flowers that really pop off her white/ivory dress. The white flowers with a white dress are lovely too in a different way, of course. But those pops of bright colors make for an incredible statement and also some amazing photos with the photographer.

Check ’em out. All of these photos were taken by Session Nine Photographers at different variations throughout the season.

I have the best brides EVER. Just thought I’d throw that out there.


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