hair cuts.

Rider, my youngest little man, got his first hair cut yesterday. Obviously from the looks of this photo, he’s not TOTALLY into it, although he DID finally cooperate. We were there for big brother Cruz’s hair appointment and asked if we could just snip Rider’s little locks really quick. He was quickly growing horns at the nape of his neck in what was, I’m sure, the beginnings of an awesome looking mullet.

I thought I’d spare him the agony.

So we chopped the horns off. And Jason snapped this photo as it was happening. I already think this is one of my favorite photos I’ve had with him. Mostly because it was a milestone and he finally allowed us to cut his hair with him snuggling into my shoulder.

There’s lots of things that really can tend to suck about being a mom sometimes. Moments like these are what make it AWESOME.

* Photo taken on my iPhone.


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