Today, I begin a NEW DECADE in my life. Yes friends. I am THIRTY today.

Today is NOT the day that I am going to be bummed about this. I am actually pretty freaking STOKED to be turning thirty. I have never been so happy to leave my twenties behind. They were amazing, hard, stretching, and exhausting to say the least. I had the highest of highs in my life and some pretty low lows. I got married, had two of my children, and I was told that I’m going to be an auntie during my twenties. I lost my father, figured out the hard way who my real friends are, and lost a few friends to death in my twenties. We left one church broken with unanswered questions and torn up hearts to join another one where we have never felt more embraced by the community, it’s leaders and the Holy Spirit in our entire lives during my twenties. It has been one full decade of amazing things. Challenging things. And I’ve never learned more about myself that I have in my twenties.

But I am SO ready to move forward into what I can see as the BEST YEARS COMING.

Thirty isn’t something any of us should be scared of or dread. The first step to becoming old is having a bad attitude. And let’s face it, we are all going to get old someday. We are all going to get wrinkles. We are all going to die, honestly. I’m choosing to fully, FULLY embrace this new chapter in my life and to enjoy the exciting ride ahead. I’ve got an amazing family, a rad husband and A LOT of dreams for the future.

Being thirty isn’t going to be bad in the least. And with each passing year, I will embrace the next. Because I think you really only get old, when you’re old in your heart.¬†And who really wants their heart to get old after all?

So with that I toast, (please raise your glass of whatever your beverage is right at this very moment) to the best years of my life ahead, CHEERS!!


2 thoughts on “thirty.

  1. totally love your attitude about turning 30, its the way I felt about it when I turned 30 last November…here’s to many more great years to come (holding up my diet pepsi)!

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