I am traveling to Dallas, TX this week! Woo hoo! There isn’t anything that inspires me more, than TRAVELING.

Well, that truly is debatable because a LOT of things inspire me. But traveling is definitely one of those things that Jason and I really love to do together. We are heading to Texas at the end of this week to shoot a wedding for a bride and groom whom we have simply fallen in love with. These two are the real deal yo. We seriously feel like we’ve been best friends with them for our whole lives. And we’ve only Skyped with them twice.

True story.

But we are excited to escape this heat… aaaaannnnndddd enter into Texas heat. HA. Truthfully, we are aware that it’s going to be hot AND humid but we don’t care. We get to leave the state for a little bit, enter the lives of people we’ve never met and capture a gorgeous wedding day for two very special people.

So I guess with this trip, I’m inspired by the jet setting. But I’m equally inspired by the people we are going to meet. It’s going to be rad.

Expect updates along the way! For reals, yo. Don’t miss it.


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