traveling mom.

Usually, when we travel we take our kids (and someone to help watch them) with us. We LOVE traveling with them. It’s a LOT of extra work, but it’s so worth it whenever we can make it work. We are in Texas for the weekend shooting a wedding we have been SO EXCITED to shoot. But unfortunately this time, we didn’t bring our kids with us. So this marks the longest trip that I have ever been away from my kiddos. It’s only about four days, but no matter how long you’re planning to be away, it’s still hard.

To ease the ‘mom guilt’ that I try not to experience anytime I travel without them, I make sure to plan a lot of little fun things for them. One thing I do, is buy very small, very inexpensive (think Target Dollar Spot here, people) presents that I wrap and label with every day I’m gone. My sister and her husband are watching the boys for this trip SO I’ve instructed them to put the gifts out after they go to bed in the spots where the boys eat breakfast. That way when they wake up and start their day, they are immediately reminded with a small little token of fun that tells them that mommy and daddy are thinking of them.

Being a working mom is hard sometimes. But I try to find ways to make it fun for THEM as well. I always want my kids to know that THEY come first, even when I have to go work for a little while. That I’m always thinking of them and looking forward to being reunited with them soon.

My sister has told me that it’s totally made their whole morning each and every time they wake to find a small little surprise from us. It makes me feel like I’m still apart of their day when I can’t physically be there.

And I love that.



2 thoughts on “traveling mom.

  1. The little gift idea is so great! Will definitely use that in the future when I have to be away from my boys.

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