denton, texas.

We were so beyond blessed to have had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Denton, Texas. We were hired to shoot a wedding there this past Saturday, with a couple that we simply fell in love with. Meeting them in person finally, was amazing. Their hometown was incredible. A small town about thirty or so miles North of Dallas and it couldn’t have been cooler, in my opinion. I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was just that it was a new spot to me, or that I love to travel no matter where I’m going. Or maybe it was that it was GREEN. Ha. Whatever it was, I fell in love with Denton. It was unconventionally beautiful, the food was SO GOOD, and the people were even more amazing.

I gathered a lot of inspiration from our weekend away. We worked really hard, but we also had some down time too to explore. So I wanted to post a few images here of different things that inspired me while we were on the trip.

Jay snapped this photo of me in this field that was right next to our hotel. I know it was just a green field and that there were fields EVERYWHERE there. But I was really inspired by this little spot. The way the light hit it, the way the wind blew the trees- something. I thought it was really picturesque.

This is downtown Denton’s courthouse. How ridiculously cool is this building? This is in the middle of the square. I was pretty thrilled that this town still has a ‘square’. So rad.

I was inside a bookstore that was on the square when I looked up and saw THIS. I laughed out loud and immediately snapped a picture. I mean, duh.

The Loco Cafe was AH-MA-ZING. We ate breakfast here every single day that we were there. I am obsessed with eating at all the local spots whenever we travel outside of Arizona. I really enjoy trying new things that are unique to the city that we are in. It makes for fantastic memories AND gives us some place to look forward to going back to. The Loco Cafe had the best coffee ever. I mean, seriously? Do you not see the photo above? I have no other words.

I love shopping at Savers. This is a photo of me behind our hotel in one of the outfits I found before we headed to Texas. I didn’t spend more than five bucks on the entire thing. So fun.

Holy crap. Ok, THIS is our fantastic couple Mark + Lauren who asked us to come to Denton to photograph their wedding day. They are the BEST people ever. We had the greatest time getting to know them. This photo was snapped on my iPhone (believe it or not!) during our Romantics with them AFTER their wedding. Jason found this incredible spot and the photos are stunning. We can’t wait to share them ALL with everyone.

Denton’s Square Donuts were actually square! HA! And they were SO yummy. I couldn’t get out of town without trying one. Jason and I split this cinnamon one, although I do have to admit that the peanut butter and jelly donut had me intrigued.

I wish we would have taken more time to explore the JFK Memorial. But we did manage to snag a photo of the two of us standing in the very spot that JFK was shot. Pretty surreal moment, actually. Standing in such a historical spot was pretty cool.

Traveling ALWAYS inspires us. I love heading to new spots and I always arrive with an open mind. Meeting new people, trying all the new food, and creating new memories is what I’m all about. There’s so much to explore in this world, big town or small town. I can only hope and pray that I will have more opportunities like this to step into the lives of others for a weekend, see how they live and try new things.

What a fantastic trip.

*All of these images were taken on my iPhone and posted on Instagram. You can follow me there too! Find me at @stellardayblog. 


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