tracing his name.

This poor kid, right? I thought that I would try, being the genius mom that I am (dripping sarcasm), to see if I could introduce writing letters to my oldest son. OF COURSE this would be a GREAT idea, right?! I never expected him to actually be able to do it. But I thought maybe he’d try, have a little success and we’d color and talk about letters and colors. I wasn’t expecting too much here, was I? HA. The mini coloring sesh ended with him in SOBBING TEARS yelling, “MOM! THIS IS JUST REALLY HARD FOR ME!”. 

*This is where my dream of us coloring dancing unicorns and rainbows while eating otter pops came to a major crash and burn.

My poor little guy. I couldn’t help but laugh as I snapped this photo on my phone. He is so big in so many ways. And time is flying faster that I can keep up with it. But he is STILL really little. He’s not even four yet. I never expected him to actually be able to write his name today. But I thought with the start of preschool rapidly approaching, that we’d get accustomed to the task. But my little man isn’t ready for such studious activities, which is fine by me. HA. So back we go to avoiding eating play doh, crashing hot wheels off the coffee table and teaching him why it’s important to NOT color on the walls.

In quick summary, this little experience reminded me yet again, that there will be plenty of time for them to do big, grownup, adult things. And while he’s three, I will let him be three in whatever capacity that he needs to be. No need to rush them to grow up.

For it happens faster than we even know.


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