up and away.

My husband took this photo. When he loaded it into the computer after our shoot on this early summer morning, it totally took my breath away. I don’t even remember when he snapped it.

But this was one shoot that is STILL inspiring me. One that made me remember COMPLETELY why I love being a photographer. It was an idea that I had, and it came to be perfectly. Better than I could have imagined, really. And as an artist, it’s not every day that you get to say that. Ideas and being inspired to create are hard sometimes. To have an idea (a good one!) and for it to be completed to it’s fullest potential are rare, I’m finding. Maybe I have too high of expectations for myself. Who knows.

But this hot air balloon shoot that we did a few weeks ago was one that I am STILL gaining inspiration from. Getting this photo shoot to take place was a lot of work. It was an early morning (3:30am!!), we had to chase find where the hot air ballons were being launched from, and we had to pray that the kiddies hung in there. Not to mention, we had to hope the lighting was right when we got to whatever location we were at AND we had about fifteen minutes to actually shoot until the balloons were in the air.


But it all sorta came together. All the hard work was hugely paid off and these are some of my favorite images we have ever shot. Not to mention, it was a morning worth remembering for sure! It was a big reminder to me, about our dreams in general. It takes a lot of hard work to have your ‘vision’ actually come together. There’s lots of unknowns, anxieties, and even disappointments or frustrations. But if you work hard enough, look for everything to line up, and stay patient, it will happen. Trusting that it could happen is the first step.

I see this photo shoot that we did with this sweet family as more than just a Lifestyle Session. It’s my ART. The fruit of an idea that turned into a dream, that turned into a lot of hard work, that turned into us being patient for it all to line up. And man, I’m so grateful that it turned out the way it did.

I hope these images are inspiring to you, as they are to me. Whenever I’m feeling a little blue or in a creative rut, I remember these photos and what they symbolize to me. A big idea really CAN erupt into reality. And dreams can ALWAYS come true. Working hard and being patient are not an option. And keeping your eyes and heart open for the right opportunity is a must.

You can do it. Whatever it is, you can do it. It might seem big. Be patient. Every good thing is worth the hard work and the wait in the end.

*To see this full photo shoot and write up on our blog, please check out our official website for Session Nine Photographers. 


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