anatomy of an engagement ring.

I have a LOT of things that I LOVE about meeting with a new bride or groom when they’ve decided to book with us. First and foremost, I seriously get jazzed about meeting with new people. Hearing their story is so cool. Hearing how he proposed is always super entertaining. And I adore checking out the engagement ring that the future bride always proudly wears on her left hand. I think that the kind of wedding ring that a guy picks out for you can say a lot. And I also think the kind of ring that you, as the bride, like the best says a lot about your personality. It’s yet another detail in the whole wedding planning process that I love.

But this detail is one of the MOST important, in my opinion.

Jason gave ME an engagement ring, obviously, when he proposed to me in 2003 (WHOA, RIGHT?). And it’s a constant reminder on my hand of when he asked me to marry him AND the day we spoke our vows, for better or for worse. I rarely take it off. I don’t even realize that it’s on my hand most of the time, it’s been there for so long. But it’s an unending reminder of the life we share together, the commitment that we make to each other still daily, and the fact that we have promised to stick it out together until death do us part.

Picking an engagement ring isn’t ONLY important for the fashion of it or for how beautiful it looks on your hand. It’s important because it will hopefully be the one piece of jewelry that you will wear on your hand, through thick and thin, until you’re ninety plus years old- Lord willing! As you’re married for years and years, the engagement ring that you chose in the excitement of dating and falling in love will symbolize so much more. It will be a constant reminder of how far you’ve come together. And how much you’ve conquered as a married couple in this world that makes it hard to be and stay married.

Ok so whoa. Super heavy post for the cute infographic I’m posting now. HA. But I loved seeing the anatomy of an engagement ring and being reminded of how very, VERY important this detail is. It’s the one that starts the entire wedding planning process. And the only piece of the wedding (besides the photos!!) that you’ll carry into your marriage, for better or for worse.

So with that, here’s a fun little read.

*This awesome info-graphic was made possible by Simply Bridal. Go check them out for fabulous wedding dresses, for reals yo.


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