Achieving balance as a full-time-stay-at-home-working-mom has to be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. There is constantly a MILLION things pulling me in a MILLION directions. Most of which, are all important, and all urgent to some degree. Deciding what to get done first and where to start as my feet hit the floor each and every day is almost impossible. Balancing motherhood with my job is hard because I love it all. And I want to DO IT ALL without sacrificing the other.

But I’ll be honest here. While I never truly lose sight of the fact that being mom should always come before work, sometimes I DO forget it a little bit. I am a self-professed workaholic. I simply adore what I do and there are days where I wish I could spend eight straight hours in a day devoting myself to my business. You might be thinking, You work from home! Of course you can put your kids first because you are with them all the time! No, friends. No. It’s so hard. Not because I don’t WANT to put them first everyday. But because the list of things to get done every day is long. And the days are short. I get interrupted A LOT. Even during my ‘scheduled’ work times, I get interrupted A LOT. Naps don’t always go as planned, kids get sick or they wake up in the morning early. It’s a constant balancing act. But whenever Cruz asks me to go play in his room with him, I always try to go. If I’m answering an email and the boys need something, I try to drop everything. I want them to see that I work and to also know that mommy has other things she’s doing too. I don’t want them to think the world revolves around them and that they demand what I do or don’t do. There ARE times that I say, “Not right now”. But I want them to know, in the core of who they are, that being their mother is important to me. It’s MORE important to me than work. And while they will know that I do have to work and that there will be times that I can’t play, I want them to be secure in knowing that I KNOW that being their mom comes first to me. It would be so very easy to put on Sesame Street all day long and let the TV ‘watch’ my kids so I could get work done and help provide for my family. But that’s not the kind of mom I want to be either.

I have to make myself remember that the time I have with them at this age is very limited and that it will go by in a blink of an eye. They will not be this young forever. They will grow up, go to school, make friends, have homework and not have time to spend with ME. So I try to treasure what I have with them RIGHT NOW. Because it won’t be forever. We aren’t even promised tomorrow so why would I waste today??

Achieving balance in your family while you’re working or running your own business can be ridiculously hard sometimes. And while I have many other tips to give about how I find the balance in OUR home, I think the most important thing is that I try to keep a realistic perspective. Let me encourage you. I know finding the balance between work and home life is hard. But try to remember to keep ‘mom’ before ‘work’. There will ALWAYS be work to do. It will ALWAYS be there. Our children will not always be there. They will be gone and out of the house before we know it. I know I want to look back and know that I spent as much time with them as I possibly could.

Mostly, I want THEM to look back and to remember that no matter how much work I had to do and to get done, THEY were always more important than any other task I needed to cross off my list.


2 thoughts on “balance.

  1. Oh girl, it is tough! But it’s so true that you have to keep being mom before work. It was really hard for me the past 4 months having to put my work completely on hold until this baby comes, but with the very little energy I had there was no way to keep up with being a wife, mother, and business owner. It’s totally daunting thinking about getting back to it full time in a month, but it’s necessary. Thankfully my kiddos are early to bed early to rise so from 5:30 on they are in bed. Which gives us some much needed uninterrupted working time or alone time.

    • That’s awesome! My kids sleep great too, thank GOD! But there’s lots of time spent shooting, client coffees/dinners, weddings, and THEN we have about 60+ hours of computer work to do each week. So finding a good balance over here is totally necessary! Hopefully you’ll get your energy soon after baby 3 comes!! 🙂 xo

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