I shot a wedding last month in Texas and our bride had this little gem of a camera that she snapped some candid photos on all day. It’s the Fugi Film Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera. It made me totally want one of these for reals. There’s something so exhilarating about being able to snap a shot and see it in physical form only a few minutes later. I love that there are SO many cameras in the world, all with SO much to offer. There’s so many different ways to take a photo. The creativity is never-ending it seems. But I really liked this little guy, and I would love to own one of my own someday. Especially for when we travel or to incorporate it someway unique with our clients all through their engagement. To have this little guy tucked in my purse for any fun and spontaneous moment sounds pretty brilliant to me. Pretty much any chance I get to snap a shot with anything, I’m IN.

Just dreamin’ today! Hopefully you’re doing the same.

Jess xo

*Image and product found on Urban Outfitters


2 thoughts on “polaroid.

  1. I totally have wanted one of these for the past year or two. Someday it will be mine! If I get one before you do, I’ll share… I promise.

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