Have you guys ever tried Cibo? I swear, everyone we know has told us that we HAVE TO EAT THERE. And we’ve never gotten around to it! Until last night! Finally, we got the chance to eat there with a couple of ours who is getting married in October. So no matter how the night went, we knew that the company was going to be amazing. So it almost didn’t matter where we went. BUT, Cibo was SO GOOD. It’s an Urban Pizzeria in Downtown Phoenix, serving some pretty yummy pizza and salads. It’s a totally great little place, so if you get the chance you gotta go!

Aside from the food, it was fantastic to sit down with one of our couples who we adore and to get to hear about their wedding plans, details and all that’s been going on since we saw them last. And they made mention that their wedding is going to be here in NINE WEEKS. Holy moly. In nine weeks we’ll be in the first week of October and well on our way to the holiday season! Which is nutso y’all. But very exciting at the same time.

So it was awesome to get out, try a new spot, and have amazing conversation with good friends. ANYTIME anyone is up for THAT, we are IN. So go check out Cibo Urban Pizzeria if you haven’t! Are there any other spots out there that are unique and fabulous that we NEED to try out? I need to know.

*This photo was taken and posted on Instagram. Follow me there to see my days unfold in photos: @stellardayblog. 


2 thoughts on “cibo.

    • The company was by far the BEST PART of the night!! But the food was so yummy too!! Such a great time with you two!! xo

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