I have always been inspired by photography. Having the ability to capture a single moment in time with a camera, to then give it to someone who will treasure it forever, is seriously amazing. I pinch myself everyday at the fact that this is my JOB, even when the job gets hard (and it does!) because it’s not ALL glamourous. Lately, I’ve come to realize a deep love that is growing within what I do already. As weird or simple as it may seem, I am having such a blast producing and directing our photo shoots. It’s something that has sort of developed within the roles that Jason and I take while we are on every shoot, and something that I wasn’t aware that was a strength of mine. I love it when we get the opportunity to REALLY get to know our clients enough to be able to take their shoot to the next level. To be able to bring a different level of creative spark that will encourage the shoot to manifest itself into something real. To be able to achieve the emotion desired by our clients and to bring it into existence through photos. When this happens, I am a happy, happy girl. And my heart is usually pounding and hands shaking on the set while it’s happening, I get THAT excited.

This shoot we did a couple weeks ago is a good example of what I’m talking about. We had met with our client, Josh. We listened to him, talked about location and collaborated a bit. We all agreed upon some props, including this AMAZING piano that was vital to his shoot. He is a composer and songwriter and is working on releasing his first album. (His work is amazing.) And he asked US to photograph him for it. On the day of the shoot, as we started directing and shooting things just sort of evolved from using the piano as standing prop into us tearing the piano apart. It was a combination of amazing creative energy, complete trust on Josh’s end, and our understanding of what he was looking for and wanting out of these photos.

I’m so inspired by clients that hire us and trust us completely. There’s so much freedom in trusting someone. It makes directing a shoot and bringing it to life a very inspiring process. I love thinking outside the box within a general vision for the shoot and bringing it to reality. It’s an entire process that COULD be super exhausting because it can zap all your energy, as an artist. But I’ve really found joy in bringing ideas into existence, making it happen and working hard to direct the shoot so that our clients love the end result. Check out the images. To see the entire photo shoot, head on over to our blog at Session Nine Photographers. Everything about this shoot left me super inspired and full creatively, which is why I love doing what I do.

I hope you guys have a fabulous Monday! There’s more fun stuff coming for this week, so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “producing.

  1. Such a great photoshoot opportunity! I love that you guys didn’t break the piano to pieces but just took it apart. It gave it a cool twist and a raw feel. You guys are so good at what you do!! Great post!

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