reception pretties.

I’m pretty much obsessed with the creativeness that is involved with planning and designing a wedding. It’s always inspiring to me to listen to one of our brides talk about how she’s designing the ceremony and reception, and it’s even better to walk into it and to see everything she’s been planning and preparing come to LIFE. I think it’s beautiful that there aren’t really any “rules” when it comes to the decor of your wedding day, and that it can pretty much be whatever your heart desires. The sky is the limit, really. And while a wedding day DOES mean more than just the decor, design and pretty things that are involved, it really is lovely that two people can create such a gorgeous celebration to begin their lives.

It is, after all, one of the most important days of your lives.

Here are a few photos of different receptions that I think are stunning, each in it’s own different way. What an amazing thing, to be getting hitched to the love of your life, surrounded by friends and family, and a lot of beautiful pretty things. A little bit of everything that you love, in essence.

I love, love, LOVE the idea of using a lamp as a centerpiece. Gosh this is so marvelous! The ceramic vases with the different colored wildflowers are perfect. The use of color within the blacks, whites and greys are just perfect. This wedding was featured on Ruffled and it is SO fun. You must go see the whole thing! Photographed by Ian Bicknell Photography.

I love these pops of color. The chairs are magnificent and the whole thing is very fairytale-ish. You can see the entire wedding on Wedding Chicks and it was photographed by Smetona Photography. Simply gorgeous. You should go check out the rest of this wedding because it’s stunning.

I really adore this color scheme. And the little mini cakes sitting in each plate are simply adorable. I love the pops of pink tones in the flowers. Such a great spring or summer idea! This image found on Pinterest. 

Barn weddings are always fun. Especially when you have a reception set up like this! I am pretty much obsessed with things that DON’T match. So these chairs are to die for. To see the rest of this wedding, visit A Bryan Photo.

Pretty much anything that brings my eyes UP on a wedding table is a win in my book. I mean, within reason obviously. But this table set up with the mountains as the backdrop is lovely. This image was found on That Inspirational Girl.

These photos I love for their color. I am a huge fan of bright, bold colors, large patterns, and things that are oddly shaped and pieced together. If I got married today, these two photos are a good representation of what I would like my wedding to have looked like now. The top image was found on HGTV’s website. The bottom image was photographed by Kamp Photography.

I love the diversity within each wedding. And that each different photographer can also capture something so different. I really love working with so much art around me. Art that embodies who a couple is individually AND who they are as a union coming together. It’s pretty inspiring and something that will never get old to me.



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