momental designs.

It’s pretty incredible that when you send your wedding invitations off in the mail, your guests will get a small little taste of what they can expect on your wedding day. It sets the tone, if you will, for the type, style, and design of your upcoming wedding and it gets them excited for the TYPE of celebration you are going to have. Invitations are the best way ever to help your guests to get a tiny glimpse of all that you have been planning on, and all that you are still working to achieve. Arriving six to eight weeks before the actual day, guests will likely display the invitation in their office, home, cork board or refrigerator door as a constant reminder that YOUR day of wedded bliss is coming!

We photographed Zach + Jenna’s wedding this past May at The Montelucia Resort and Spa. It was an AMAZING affair. Not only was every detail impeccable, but the energy was incredible. Everyone who surrounded Zach + Jenna on their wedding day was SO stoked for them. You could just feel it in the air. It was an incredibly special day. The details that Jason and I had the privilege of photographing were just simply stunning. When I saw her wedding invitation, I actually gasped out loud. If I was a guest receiving these little beauties, I would have been so impressed and so excited to see what the rest of the day held for them! I mean, seriously. Take a look at how stunning these are! Truly, a work of art.


Zach + Jenna’s wedding invitations (as seen above!) were handmade by Momental Designs. Momental offers handmade custom invitations and coordinating accessories for weddings and other joyous occasions — all featuring the artwork of Kristy Rice. Kristy sees unique and artistic invitations, programs, seating cards, etc. as the details that can make an occasion most memorable. She is VERY talented at what she does. I’ve scoured her website and I am blown away at the beauty of her work. It truly is art. And sending a artistic extension of you and your fiance as a couple, to your guests in anticipation of your wedding day, is nothing short of memorable.

Here are a few other astounding designs from Momental Designs. But the creativity is unending over at her website.





Check out Momental Designs website and blog. And if you’re a bride looking for a place that will create unique, custom made invitations for you- LOOK NO FURTHER. Well, actually, look further by going to her website! HA. But you’ve found your girl, for sure.


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