I found a recipe on Pinterest for Homemade Coffee Creamer not too long ago. I finally got around to giving it a whirl and WOWZERS. It was SO good. And can I just tell you how incredible SIMPLE it was to make? It took all of five minutes. Seriously, for reals. So now we drink creamer that only has THREE ingredients instead of twenty-three. Have you looked at the ingredient list for those store bought creamers??? Yikes, bikes. (WHAT MOVIE??! Please, someone guess it!) But for reals, it’s kinda gross all the preserves they put in that stuff. So this is an easy alternative if you’re into homemade stuff. I love things that are organic and clean but also simple and fast! I don’t have loads of time to spend in the kitchen, friends.

Here’s the dish. This is the easiest thing you’ll ever make from scratch. So whip it up and ENJOY.


1. ¼ cup brown sugar

2. 1 Tbsp. vanilla extract (use real vanilla, not the imitation – have you read the ingredients on that?!)

3. approx. 2 cups of half and half


1. Combine brown sugar and vanilla in a small sauce pan over medium-low heat.  Heat gently, stirring occasionally until sugar is melted.  Don’t let it get to hot or bubbly or it will solidify and you won’t be able to mix in your creamer.

2. Turn burner off and slowly wisk in half and half,  letting the residual heat help the sugar mixture and the creamer to combine.  Use immediately, or store in a glass container in your fridge.

*I found this recipe on Pinterest, but it was originally pinned from here.


6 thoughts on “creamer.

  1. This reminds me of a argument I had with my friend once. We don’t use ‘creamer’ in Australia – just normal milk. I was trying to explain to my friend that the little ‘milk’ containers you get on the plane and in fancy hotels was ‘creamer’ and not milk. She just kept telling me it was UHT. She got rather angry with me hahaha.

    I want to make some of this creamer but I don’t use creamer. It looks so tasty – what else can you use it in?

    • hahaha Oh man! People get so mad when the convo switches to this stuff, huh? 😉 I think anything that can sit out for awhile unrefrigerated canNOT be called ‘milk’. Whoa. haha I know there’s different kinds of sugars you can use instead of brown sugar! I would maybe try a soy or almond milk or dairy free half and half substitute if you don’t use creamer or milk! Thanks so much for commenting! xo

    • hahaha Lauren!! I’m SO happy someone guessed it! You rock! haha! Thanks for commenting! Definitely try this recipe, it’s seriously so yummy!! xoxo

  2. One of the women I work with was just saying how they stopped using creamer in their coffee and only use half and half now because they are trying to be healthier in their choices. I remembered your Facebook post about home-made creamer and printed this out for her. She is soooo excited and even as pathetic as I am in the kitchen I may give it a try. Thanks!

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