dress shopping.

Yes. I am wedding dress shopping. I know you’re wondering, ‘Haven’t you and Jason been married for like, a decade?? What would YOU need a wedding dress for?”

And we’ve been married for NINE years, actually.

YES. I am on the hunt for a wedding dress of my very own! Jason and I are getting ready to celebrate NINE years of marriage this coming September! We are going to kick off the next year of wedded bliss with our very own BRIDAL SESSION photo shoot. OMG. I’m SO excited.

So…. what does this exactly mean, you might be wondering? Ha. I wish I could tell you ALL the details. But THAT is for our photographer, stylist, hair and makeup artist, and each other to know. But we are planning up something simple, dramatic, artistic, edgy, and fun as a way to celebrate being married as long as we have. When we got married, I WISH I would have had some amazing photos taken of us on that day with a major artistic flare. But I didn’t. So now is my chance to have some fun with wedding fashion and to have some Romantics done of just Jason and I as we begin our TENTH year of marriage. You guys. It’s crazy how time flies. If you just got married or if you are engaged, hang on to your seats!

So I am wedding dress shopping. Truth is, I HAVE my wedding dress. The day we got married, I wore my own mother’s wedding dress and I love it very much. It’s really special to me that I was able to wear her dress down the aisle. I will keep it forever. I didn’t want to jump back into the same dress I wore for a few reasons. One, I don’t want my mom’s dress to get ruined. I cherish it. Two, I am a totally different person than I was nine years ago. I want something that reflects who I am now, as an artist. Three, I want something NON-traditional. We’ll see what I find.

Here are a few examples of inspiration and styles I like for myself right now. Keep in mind, I’m staying in line with a very specific style and theme for the type of photo shoot we are dreaming up. So while this might look odd to you, trust me. It’s going to be AWESOME. Our shoot happens in a little over a month. And holy moly, I can’t even wait. Mike Olbinski is our photographer for the shoot and he’s conjured up some pretty sweet locations for this. No matter what happens, it’s going to be a rad time for Jason and I to be photographed together and to remember how far we’ve come, even in just nine years. So here’s some inspiration of the style of dress I’m interested in. Can’t wait to share the shoot with you. So stay tuned for that!

….Seriously, you’re gonna want to stay tuned, for reals.

*All of these images were found on Pinterest.


20 thoughts on “dress shopping.

  1. HOLY MOLY… this is such a wonderful idea!! I cant wait to see the photos from it! I think you should rock a similar dress to the last photo or the fourth from the top! No matter what you choose I know it will look wonderful! Enjoy wedding dress shopping!!

    • Thanks SO much girl!! The bottom photo is my favorite one of this bunch! I love the pink. And that she’s in Paris. haha Thanks for the input! Can’t wait for the shoot to be here!!

  2. I’m sure what you guys are cooking up will be absolutely amazing!! Can’t wait to see it Cuz!! Xoxo and I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already- seems like just yesterday we watched you walk down the aisle in Aunt Lisa’s gorgeous dress 🙂

    • Cousin!! Thank you so much for your sweet words!! I can’t believe it’s almost been 10 too!! Seriously feels like yesterday! Love you!! xo

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