photographing a wedding.

Today, I am photographing another wedding. There is just something about this job that never gets old. I have always dreamed of being a wedding photographer. But I never thought I would love it this much. Which is saying a lot because usually when you DREAM of doing something, it means you usually already love it.

But I simply love it.

All the planning, preparation, getting to know our clients, coffee dates, following Pinterest boards, emails, engagement sessions, edits, phone calls, timeline plannings, and stress relief to the bride is SO WORTH IT. I love every minute. While some minutes are more work than others, I am so beyond thrilled and grateful to do what I do.

There’s not ONE single day that I take it forgranted. There’s not ONE single day that I don’t remember to thank who gave it all to me. There’s not ONE single day that I’m not completely humbled to know that God is allowing us to do what we love on the scale that we are.

So today, dear reader, I am spending the entire day with a lovely bride. A girl who is marrying the boy of her dreams. And Jason and I together get to watch them walk into the beginning of their marriage together, and what’s amazing? We get to photograph it.

Pretty freakin’ rad. Every single story is pretty freakin’ rad.


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