pinterest inspire.

Sometimes I hear people say things like, ‘I just can’t go on Pinterest for very long without feeling really negative about myself when I see what others are pinning.’ And I literally just think, ‘Seriously?? Because I definitely don’t think that that’s the POINT of Pinterest.’

I get that comparing yourself to others is a hard thing to control. It’s HARD to watch what others are doing/pinning and to wonder why you aren’t cooking or crafting enough. Or to wonder why you’re style isn’t cool enough. Or to wonder why your house is clean enough. Or designed right. THE LIST GOES ON. When my brain starts to wander like this, I have really tried to discipline myself to STOP, take the thought captive and think:

‘WHAT AM I FREAKING OUT ABOUT? These aren’t my friend’s ACTUAL homes. They are PINS. Just PINS. IDEAS, nonetheless.’ 

And that usually makes me feel better. There aren’t many people who have it ALL together and that’s OK. Can we all just give ourselves permission to be OK right where we are at? COMPARISON STEALS JOY. So stop comparing. Stop it.

I really and honestly approach Pinterest as my creativity board. I love gaining inspiration from it. Equally, I actually LOVE seeing what others are pinning too! It’s inspiring to see others’ ideas and how I might possibly make them my own. Or just to see what other styles, strengths, and inspirations are! It’s pretty rad! And it’s WAY more freeing to view Pinterest this way than to just let it discourage.

So today, I am posting a few pictures from my very own boards of what’s been inspiring ME lately. I encourage you to jump onto Pinterest and to view it as a way to spark creativity in your OWN life. And not to let it bog you down with insignificant comparisons. I mean, which one of your friends is REALLY accomplishing every single project that she pins? Not many of us actually ARE traveling to Tuscany and back on a whim, nor is anyone cooking gourmet food sun up to sundown. So just remember no ones life IS perfect. No one ACTUALLY has it all. And behind what looks good, there’s likely other crap going down.

So take a deep breath, and just be inspired. And follow me on Pinterest for more inspiration too.

I loved this idea for my home. Whether I’ll actually get around to doing it, is another story. But my pin says to Modge Podge newpaper to canvas, stick on some letters, paint over the whole thing and then peel the letters off. I’m not crafty, but I think even I can handle that!

Aren’t these mug warmers AWESOME? I found this shop on Etsy and I seriously want to buy a bunch of these to incorporate in little gift baskets for Christmas. Ok, I’ll be honest. My FIRST thought was that I could hand crotchet mug warmers as gifts. After I stopped hysterically laughing at myself, I decided it would be a better idea if I purchased them from this talented person who owns this shop. Check out the Etsy shop HERE. I love all the colors.

I mean, this is just fabulous. I have nothing else to say except for this image is super inspiring to me. The end.

This is why I get dressed in the morning. I love fashion trends, and I jump on the band wagon of some. But mostly, I just want to wear what I love. If it’s a fashion statement or not, in style or not, on the runway or not, I’m going to wear what best fits my personality and speaks to my soul. Sounds dramatic and emotional? Well it is. And that’s the way I am sometimes, so there it is.

I found the greatest blog this weekend with the coolest ideas and ways to eat and feed your whole family healthy foods. I was super inspired by it. She even posted a free downloadable PDF with ways to pack interesting and yummy lunches for thirty days straight! So cool! You’ve gotta check out her blog.

I think this is an ADORABLE idea for a cocktail hour during a wedding. Seriously SO cute.

I  am ALWAYS inspired by things that don’t match. I would just DIE if my dining room looked like this! I love the unnecessary pop of blue/teal in the chair and small bowl on the shelf. Brilliant.Anytime I can use color, I AM IN. Isn’t this bathroom so charming?? Man alive, I would LOVE to have a sink like that and paint the entire room just like this one. With the rubber duckies??? Stop it already. Adorable.

I’m not sure what rosettes are, BUT I think this is such a cute idea. My pin says to spray paint ceiling rosettes from home depot and then hang them on your wall. Neat!

I need to be doing more stuff like this with my kids. But it’s just SO. DANG. HOT. I thought this idea was clever. I figure, we can paint on the driveway for a little bit in our bathing suits and then I can just hose the kiddos off to cool down. Or maybe just wait until fall. Whatevs.

See? I encourage you to use Pinterest to your advantage and as a way to better your life. Don’t allow it to make you feel bad about what you DON’T have! Let it spur you onto new ideas, interests and potential projects and inspiration for YOU and YOU’RE life. Right where you’re at. You don’t have to even be good at doing any of this. Just let it inspire you. Allow OTHERS to inspire you. Beautiful things can happen when we just take in the uniqueness of each person, instead making it bring out our own weaknesses.

Happy Monday, peeps. Make it a Stellar Day!!

Jess xo


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