survival kit.

I am in the market for a new camera bag. I LOVE my Epiphanie bag that I carry now. It’s simply to die for. The only problem is, that I am having some back issues. NOT because of that bag. But because of my job as a photographer and just because I danced for YEARS before I got married. So my body has taken a beating. But I am currently under the care of an AMAZING doctor who is helping me heal and get some strength back.

That will be for another post.

So I’m looking for a bag that I can carry as a backpack AND a side purse too. Epiphanie has some amazing ones but I’m shopping around.

THEN. I found this awesome blog with this adorable wedding idea that I think EVERY maid of honor should have with her on the wedding day! It’s amazing ideas for what to put in a survival kit for the day of your wedding. I’ve seen it all too! Dresses rip, wine spills on the dress, hooks come undone, heels break, someone forgets the toothpaste- you name it, I’ve even seen worse. So it would be awesome to have a little handy survival kit that has necessary items in it SHOULD something go wrong. Even little mishaps can be a big deal on a wedding day. Lots of times the maid of honor or one of the bridesmaids has something just like this already put together.

*This is the moment where I give a clapping standing ovation for THAT friend.*

But lots of times, they don’t too. I get it. There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding day and sometimes it can be hard to remember the bandaids. BUT I love this little tip sheet. If you are a bride, I would encourage you to ASK someone in your bridal party to be in charge of putting this together. If you’re a bridesmaid, use this chart and put something together and surprise the bride. Better safe than sorry, eh?

SO. All that to say. I might just look for a bag that has a special place that I can keep a survival kit of my own. That way, if the brides survival kit goes missing, we’ve got some backups.

More on my bag hunting adventures soon. If you have any ideas for me on where to look, I’m all ears.

* I found the wedding survival kit image from Swatchbook Weddings blog

* All of the other images in this post were taken by us, as Session Nine Photographers.


4 thoughts on “survival kit.

    • Oh AWESOME! I’ll check them out for sure! Thanks so much Lauren!! And thanks for the prayers! I’m already feeling much better these days! Love ya! xoxo

  1. Nice! My good friend Kristen Barker ( just did a shoot for epiphanie! Can’t wait for the new look book.

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