jordan and stephanie.

One of our favorite things to do EVER in this life is to meet new people. There is nothing better than meeting other inspiring, life giving, artistic, and genuinely NICE, giving people. We could just sit and talk to people like this ALL night.

Well, we DID.

When we were in Denton, TX shooting Mark + Lauren’s absolutely incredibly stunning wedding last month, we had the privilege of meeting Jordan and Stephanie Smith. They were the videographers of Mark + Lauren’s wedding and we were able to spend the entire day with them. They were a total BLAST to work with and totally clicked with Jay and I. I LOVE when that happens. It equally felt like we all were approaching Mark + Lauren’s wedding as a work of art.

Which is exactly what we all love. So it was totally amazing. Not to mention that they are incredibly talented with what they do.

THEN. They went ahead and released Mark + Lauren’s video from the day and totally had me crying! They captured not only their wedding day and how incredible it was, but they really told Mark + Lauren’s story. Jason and I really have just totally fallen in love with Mark + Lauren through getting to know them since they hired us, and watching their video was really touching.

You guys HAVE to check them out. And then if you’re getting married, go hire them. If we EVER get to work with these two again, we’d be ecstatic.

Not to mention, after the wedding we all went out for drinks and actually DID chat the night away. Amazing people in a really cool, swanky bar, in Denton, TX. Which, have you ever been to Denton? It’s seriously rad. I am dying to go back. Not only because it’s cool, but because I feel like Jason and I already would have immediate best friends when we got there.

GO check out Jordan and Stephanie Smith. Get to know who they are. Their website is You won’t want to miss it. And scroll down to the bottom to see Mark + Lauren’s wedding day video. It’s a tear-jerker, in the BEST way possible.


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