wedding jewels.

Having a hard time deciding WHAT jewelry to wear on your wedding day? I have just the tool that can help you. And it’s pretty cute too. If I was getting married, I would have a pretty hard time trying to decide what jewelry to wear to my wedding. I love lots of different accessories so choosing just one would be hard. And lately, I’m really into jewelry like THIS for brides:

I realize it’s a bit dramatic, but these days I’m all about the drama. Well, only in fashion. I’m loving it in fashion. Drama in life in general?? NO THANKS.

But this info-graphic is a fun little way to see how you’re REALLY feeling about what you want to wear on your big day! It’s a cool little way to narrow it down, at least.

Check it out, yo.


* The first photo is Inna P. & Tassia M by Skye Tan for Singapore Brides Magazine. But I found it on this blog.

** This awesome info-graphic was brought to you by Simply Bridal. Check out their website, peeps. Lots of great stuff going on over there.


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