creatively flying.

I can’t believe the summer is practically over. I mean, it’s still hotter than heck, but it’s finally September. 2012 is flying by. Last night, I spent some time reflecting on the summer. It went a lot differently than I thought it would. Not really in a bad way, just different. I really feel myself growing in our work. Not just technically with a camera in hand, but CREATIVELY. The creative side to me has really taken off this summer, and I can’t really put my finger on why. Maybe it’s just that the people we are coming into contact with are SO inspiring. Or that I’m falling into a DEEPER groove with our business and I’m finding more freedom within the creative side to it all. Maybe it’s that I’m just keeping MYSELF inspired and so it keeps the creativity overflowing. Whatever it is, I can’t turn my brain off. It’s exhilarating. It’s exhausting. It’s stressful. It’s relaxing.

But mostly- it’s the best feeling ever.

We did a photo shoot over the weekend at The Boneyard in Tucson, AZ. It’s basically an airplane graveyard FULL of old retired airplanes of all different shapes and sizes. I had some pretty specific, creative ideas fly into my head about six months ago. But it’s an idea I just sat on for awhile, mulled over, and toyed with. I wanted to wait to present it to a certain ‘type’ of client, still being uncertain of exactly who that was. I knew I didn’t want to shoot there with just anyone. But I wanted to wait until the timing seemed right.

And then…… it was.

I presented it to a couple of ours who is getting married next March. They just seemed like they’d be up for anything- something different. And I was SO right. They were on board immediately and even brought their own artistic ideas and flair to the project for their engagement session. So yesterday, we all loaded into our CRV and headed to Tucson together! Not only was our couple seriously SERIOUSLY rad, but they trusted us completely. (Let me quickly interrupt to say that there is nothing better than clients who trust you, as an artist, completely. It’s freeing, in the least.) So the day was amazing. Everything aligned. The lighting was incredible, they looked AH-MA-ZING, the weather was “cooler”, and the locations was bomb. It was exactly as I pictured it. And as an artist/creative director on our shoots, there is nothing better than when your original vision comes to fruition and it’s exactly as you dreamed it to be. It fills me up creatively, and spurs me on to new creative projects.

So my brain is on overload these days. I have some amazing inspiring ideas that are brewing. I even have a NEW dream/goal to reach someday. More on that later. But for today, I encourage you to figure out what inspires you and refreshes your soul. What part of your work day makes your heart beat just a little faster? What makes you dream just a little bigger? No matter whether you’re in your dream job or just in a job that you see as a stepping stone to the next, you’ve got to be able to find and stay inspired in your life. For the littlest things can spur you onto bigger things, things that matter and that could even make a difference in an entire persons life and being. There’s beauty all around. There’s new ideas to be found and conquered every day. It’s just a matter of listening, waiting, dreaming and making it happen.

We can’t wait to share airplane graveyard engagement session with you over at our blog as Session Nine Photographers. It’s a photo shoot that I’ve been dreaming of, creating and planning for since probably March, and I can’t wait to unveil the entire thing. Seeing the world in snapshots is one thing. Being able to translate those snapshots and turn them into an artistic reality- is simply exhilarating.

*These two photos were taken on my iPhone. I love my iPhone. And Instagram. For reals, yo. You can follow me there too at @stellardayblog.  


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