stalking my brides.

I have a little inspiration post up today from none other than? PINTEREST. It’s seriously a brides dream, isn’t it? I mean really. What else are you going to use to collect ALL of your ONE THOUSAND wedding ideas and inspiration into one simple spot? PINTEREST. I know I sound like I’m trying to sell you on it, and I probably SHOULD work for them with how much I use and promote it, but alas, I am probably preaching to the choir. Because you, dear reader, are likely already as obsessed with Pinterest as I am. And if you’re not, then go there NOW and get an account. You’ll thank me later.


I’ve made it a complete habit to stalk my brides on Pinterest, whenever possible. It’s not really as creepy as it sounds. I just like to make sure I’m up to date with where their minds are creatively as they are designing their weddings. I love the direction it gives me so I can be as prepared as possible to shoot their wedding. Plus, I seriously just LOVE the details. Seeing a collection of inspiration for any one person can actually tell you a lot about them. And I really love that.

SO. Here’s a few things have caught my eye this past week on Pinterest in the wedding world! So not ALL of these are ideas that my current brides pinned. But some ARE. Check ’em out, yo.

I love this photo. I think this is SUCH a super cute idea for any photographer to take. Not ONLY for the bride and groom to have as part of their photo collection, but because I think it’s a cute photo to somehow send over to the groom to see before everyone walks down the aisle. Pretty cute. This photo was originally pinned from this blog.

This is another cute photo idea for Mom and Dad. I’m not really into searching for photo ideas since I really like to be in and capture the moment while I’m shooting a wedding instead of working from a shot list. BUT, I just thought this was really sweet. Something to remember, for sure. Mostly to surprise the parents of the bride especially if she’s close to them.

This is another cute way to let your guests know that there is no specific side you need to sit on. Super cute AND it immediately makes your friends and family feel more united instead of ‘friends with the bride’ or ‘friends with the groom’. Originally pinned from this blog.

You can’t convince me that this is NOT a cute idea. It’s super unique AND it would be awesome to keep forever. Especially if the squares were really retro, uniquely designed, different colors and artistic. So do I LOVE this quilt? Not really. BUT the idea is really original and it would be an amazing heirloom to keep forever. Originally pinned from this blog.

Asking your best girls to stand by your side on your wedding day with a cute little meaningful box of goodies, never hurt anyone. I wish I would have taken the time to do this!

Everyone likes sharing advice, right? Especially couples that have been married any length of time. We SHOULD be passing on tips of success to couples who are beginning their journey! Marriage is HARD sometimes. And having a jar full of advice to pull out and read when you need it most would be pretty rad if you ask me.

This is so cool. I LOVE it when couples write their own vows. I really, truly love the traditional vows too. Honestly, if we ever renewed our vows, I think I would do BOTH in my ceremony. The vows are THE most important part. Then turning your vows into an artistic piece for your home is even better. So sweet!

*All photos and ideas were found on Pinterest. Additional links provided if necessary.









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