Can we all just please stop eating fast food? And by WE, I mean ALL OF AMERICA. I mean, really. There really is NO need to eat fast food. I’m as guilty as the next when it comes to this. And while there’s nothing WRONG with eating fast food, you have to really consider what it IS, exactly. Most of the time, you probably don’t REALLY want to know. Gross.

I’ll stop there because I can seriously get going on the topic of the food industry in America today. It really makes me mad. So instead of getting really angry, I just try my best to choose other foods that are better for me and for my family. We DO eat Chick-a-fila some, yes it’s true. But for the most part, we TRY to eat as much as we can at home. But we. are. busy. It’s hard to eat healthy or even just at home when you’re on the go so much! But I’ve really tried to work on simplifying my meal planning during the week, and coming up with lunch options that are super easy to pack, filling, and better for you than fast food. Which most food is, so that wasn’t hard.

I’ve started making homemade lunchables for Jay and I to take when we leave in the morning. Have you SEEN the ingredient list for the store bought lunchables??? Wowzers. There’s definitely a healthier way to pack this sort of lunch. I’m not even going to include a recipe in this post because you definitely don’t need one for this! I went and bought the Ziploc divided containers because they are PERFECT for this kind of thing. In our boxes I put Ritz crackers, cubes of cheese, salami and granola bars. I also threw in small tangerines too. I didn’t expect this lunch to be so filling, but it was! And putting it all together in the morning takes me about five minutes.

It’s friendlier on our pocket books AND it’s better for our health. And you can’t say you don’t have time because I SERIOUSLY don’t have time to do most of this, but somehow, someway, I find the time. It’s because I value our health. And when something is important to you, you make it a priority. Eating well is a work in progress. It’s far from perfect over here. And we still grab take out from time to time. But we really try to focus on eating whole foods from home. Foods that can nourish our bodies and our growing kiddos.

One small step at a time can make ALL the difference for you and your family. Try it! If you think outside the box, creating your lunch can be just as much a work of art as your ACTUAL art is. And you’ll feel better, for sure.



4 thoughts on “lunchables.

  1. I have been trying really hard to get better at eating healthier and one thing I have found is an app for my iphone called ShopWell. It’s free, and you answer a few questions on what kind of food you like, what benefits you want, what you want to stay away from. Then when you’re shopping, scan the barcode and it will give you all the details, what it has that you want, what you don’t, and then it will even recommend things that are better.
    On another note…where do you get your hair accessories? I love them!

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