proud mamma.

So he did it. He went to his first full morning of preschool without me. Somehow I feel like we’ve accomplished some major milestone or something. All morning long, I told myself, over and over again, that I WILL NOT CRY WHEN I DROP HIM OFF. I didn’t want to be the mom that cried. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just didn’t want to BE that.

Well. I WAS that mom today.

I was totally doing alright too. We walked up to the door, I signed him in, the door swung open and his teacher welcomed everyone in. They greet each child at the door each morning, which I love, so we had to wait our turn. I watched the other mom go before me and say goodbye to her son. She cried. And watching her say goodbye, knowing that my turn was next, made the tears start to prickle in my eyes. I looked back at Jay and said, ‘Omg. I’m going to cry.’ I didn’t want to.

Then it was our turn. His sweet teacher asked him how he was doing and to put his bag in his cubby. Then she told him that she had a present that she wanted him to give ME. It was a little clear plastic bag full of tissue, candy, a tea bag and a nice little note. She asked him to hand it to me and to tell me to have a good day. I knelt down and he turned to me, little tiny plastic bag in hand, and said:

“Have a good day Mamma!!”

Then he gave me a big kiss, I hugged him and he ran into the room to go join the other kids. It was such a proud moment for me, a surreal one, AND a sad one all at the same time. I DID cry. I am SO excited for him. He’s going to do so fantastic in school. He’s such a remarkable little guy. And I know that this is the beginning of me watching him GO. It’s the beginning of me feeling PROUD of him. It’s the beginning of me thinking, ‘Wow, this is all happening too fast.’ But I am thankful that he is so ready. He’s going to do awesome. I’m one lucky mamma.

I will always remember that little moment. It was special. His happy big blue eyes looking up at me, telling me to have a good day too. Somehow making it all ok for me to actually go and have a great day while he learns at school. So, tears or not (except that there WERE tears), I left that morning a happy mamma. He’s ready. He’s happy and he’s going to do amazing.

I’m one proud mamma.


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