happy birthday.

Today this little man is TWO. I can’t even believe it. I can’t believe he’s been around for two ENTIRE years. This kid is seriously so rad. He’s rambunctious, feisty, full of life, laughter and loves giving kisses. He’s either smiling or crying, running or sleeping, happy or mad. He’s stubborn as all get out. He is a lover. And I know that he is going to be loyal to his friends and family to the death. There is so much wonderful, beautiful life in his soul. Being feisty isn’t always a bad thing. It just means you’re a fighter. It means you won’t give up in life easily and that you’ll fight for what you want and what you believe in.

But he’s a handful.

I am so grateful and blessed beyond words that God has seen fit to put this little guy in our lives. I know I’ve done nothing to deserve him. And while I spend a LOT of time wondering and hoping that God has equipped me to be the best mamma that he needs, I know that there’s many reasons that God designed him for me and Jason. These past two years have been challenging for me, as a mom. Going from one kid to two kids was a huge change for me and a bigger adjustment than having a baby for the first time ever. Rider and I have grown together a lot these past two years, and I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for him. He has helped stretch me as a mom, grow my patience, and has filled my heart with an abundant amount of love. When I was pregnant with him, I had no idea HOW ON EARTH I was going to love someone else as much as I loved Cruz. I always tell people that I feel like I sprouted an extra heart the minute Rider was born. Full of the same amount of love as I have for Cruz, but it’s different only because they are different people.

I love him so much.

Today he is two. And I am so honored to be able to spend the entire day celebrating him and the awesomeness that he brings to our family. Although adjusting to life with two kids has been challenging at times, I would do ALL of it again if it meant that I could have Rider in my life. I wouldn’t change one single thing. He’s such a joy, with his little moon shaped eyes. He’s a lover and fighter, one who will be loyal to the end. I see such a bright future for him and I am blessed that he calls me Mamma.

Happy Birthday, Rider-man. There’s no prouder mamma than ME today. I am forever grateful that you are mine.



2 thoughts on “happy birthday.

  1. This is beautiful!! You can tell from your words just much joy he brings you!!! You are an amazing Mama and I am so blessed I get to watch you parent your wonderful boys and raise them to be Godly men!! Happy Birthday Rider!

    • Aw thanks girl!! You’re such a blessing to me!! Side note- do you see the crayons you gave us in the background in this pic?? The boys LOVE THEM. hahaha!!

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