fall style.


Wowzers. That quote alone is inspiring enough, right? And isn’t it SO true?? I love embracing fashion, what’s on the runways, and the styles that are IN. I think fashion is so freaking cool. And I love that it truly is an art. There are SO many different takes on what looks good and what doesn’t. What’s in versus what’s out. Even if I don’t like a particular ‘trend’, I love seeing how others wear it and putting their own spin on it.

I love wearing things that fit ME. Trend or not, I love putting things on my body that make me feel beautiful. And I’ve learned by now, that I pretty much don’t wear anything that doesn’t make me feel pretty in some regard. If I like it, I’m wearing it. I don’t care what anyone else says.

Ok wait. Not TOTALLY true. I have a certain number of people that I can count on ONE hand who I would ask AND value their fashion opinion. My hubby is one of them. Other than that, if you don’t like what I’m wearing, then it’s a good thing you’re not wearing it! HA.

I am SO excited for fall. Mostly because I can’t wait to rock boot socks and leg warmers. I hate being cold, but I do love fall and winter clothes. I’ve gathered just a few images that have inspired me already with the upcoming styles and things I’m on the lookout for whenever I go thrift shopping. I think ninety percent of my clothes shopping is done at thrift and antique stores. And I’m loving it. I love the eclectic design that takes place when you put your outfits together piece by piece. It’s yet, another art form.

So check it out. And get inspired! The new season is pretty much knocking on the door. Well, it’s still hotter than Hades in Arizona, but that never holds back the fall fashion! So get in the game this year and challenge yourself to wear new things that you LOVE, but that maybe you were always slightly intimidated to wear.

Jacket with the scarf with the stripes. Yum. Image found at YouAreMyFave.com.

Good. Night. Can I PLEASE get this head band in EVERY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW? Image found here.

I’m obsessed with boot socks this year. Image found on Pinterest.

You can find these awesome boot socks at Buckle. 

Leather jacket? Yes please! Image found here.

I might actually purchase this scarf this year. Because Lord knows I couldn’t make it. You can find it at this Etsy shop. 

Ever thought of recycling an old sweater to be leg warmers? ME NEITHER. Brilliant. Image found here.

I love patterned tights. I plan on stocking up. Image found on Pinterest.

This photo is just super inspiring to me. I love the look of a casual white tee and the hat gives it the bit of extra to make it awesome. Image found here.

Creating your own style is a blast. And what’s better? You can reinvent yourself every day if you want! Follow me on Pinterest for more of my favorite fashions that I find!

Have a stellar week y’all! (See, I still wish I was in Texas! HA.)

Jess xo



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