iced coffee.

We spend WAY too much money on coffee. I’m sure that we actually DON’T, by society’s standards. But by MY standards and for our budget, I’d LOVE to spend less. I have several really amazing friends who have raved and raved and raved about The Pioneer Woman’s perfect iced coffee recipe that’s on her blog. So I finally decided to just go for it. With the amount of iced coffee we buy, I figure why not at least TRY to make it from home. If it’s good, then that might solve the problem we have with swinging through the drive thru multiple times a day.

When your three year old shouts, “LOOK MOM!! A STARBUCKS!!” every time you pass one, you know it’s bad. And they’re on every corner, so that’s a LOT of screaming in the car.

So I tried it! And oh mylanta. It’s seriously SO GOOD. I would repost the recipe here with photos of my own. But why redo something that was already done amazingly? I mean, duh. So HERE’S THE LINK to the Perfect Iced Coffee. And take it from me, follow her directions at the bottom about the sweetened condensed milk. Wowzers. I’m only going to treat myself to THAT option once a week due to the calories in it but it. was. so. good.

Head on over to her fantastic blog and check out the recipe. It takes a little bit of time, a decent amount of effort, but it’s worth it!! It tastes amazing AND it’ll be better for my wallet too.



*Photo taken on my iPhone at 6:00am. So I apologize for the bad lighting and my half awake eyes. 


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