day trip.

This weekend was camp for the high school group that Jason and I work with at the church we attend. Jason is one of the worship leaders there and being apart of and getting to know the students has been one of the biggest blessings of our lives, to date.

How we ended up there and why we cherish it so much is a story for ANOTHER DAY. Wowzers it could take two hours. But we are SO thankful that God has us where he does right now. And honestly, I hope he keeps us at SBC until we are old and grey.

True story.

So this weekend was their camp. Camp is always an AMAZING time. I have very fond memories of going to camp as a high schooler, with this very same high school group. Pretty rad. This year, instead of going to their usual spot for camp, they went camp-ING. Pretty cool idea. I, however, do not enjoy camping at all. BUT, I would have gone the entire weekend if I didn’t have the boys. But I did take the boys up north for the day and we had a total blast. If there’s one thing that Cruz and Rider love, it’s PEOPLE. We are ALWAYS trying to teach them to love others and to be kind to others. But it’s something that’s sort of just apart of them naturally, too. So hanging out with two hundred high schoolers and all the staff up north where there are trees, sticks, rocks and dirt= amazing day for them! The boys did great.

Short trips like that are always a great way for me to use the drive to brainstorm and to reflect. I reflected a little bit on where we were almost three years ago in life. And where we are now can’t even compare. I am so thankful every day of this life I am living that God has placed us in the spot that we are. Truly, I prayed that he would lead us to an incredible church for YEARS. Not only has he done that, but he’s placed a gigantic community of people around us who love us, reach out to us, and who really care. We are blessed beyond words.

I am thankful for people. All the people that are in our lives and who support us and love on us. It blows my mind that three years ago, broken, uncertain, and hurt, God still had all of THIS in store for us. I am so glad we followed his leading, even when it didn’t make sense at first. For we are EXACTLY where we need to be right now. And hoping we are here for a long, long time.

*Photos from Instagram. You can follow me there too at @stellardayblog.


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