being a mom with purpose.

I meant to post this a little earlier than now, but such is life. Jay went out of town and then hasn’t been feeling too well SO I haven’t had a ton of extra time this week. But I wanted to do a little follow up post to Rider’s birthday celebration and what I’m learning as a mamma right now.

It’s funny how we go through seasons of learning, right? I’ve never gone through more of these seasons in my ENTIRE LIFE, than when I became a mom. And I finally feel like I have shed the past season of my life and am moving forward with a much brighter outlook. And by ‘past season’, I just really mean that these past two years of being a mom have been really challenging for me. You don’t have to know me very well to know that going from 1 to 2 kids was WAY harder for me than going from 0 to 1. And I struggled with post partum depression and some other stuff that made it really challenging. But I finally feel like that season is gone. And although having small kids is hard and has it’s challenging moments, I find myself LOVING it.

I’ve learned a lot in the four short years that I’ve been a mamma. And one thing I’m constantly learning, is how to be a mom with purpose. To be a mom that wakes up and brings the joy everywhere she goes. To make life better for my kids every day. To teach them that while we DO have to work hard, trust Jesus and obey the law, that life is worth celebrating. That it’s ok to have sugar cookies for breakfast- sometimes. That if they spill their milk, I am not mad nor am I bothered by cleaning it up. I want them to have the best most fond memories of being little. Because I’ve said it before-

They won’t be little for very long. 

And as hard as being a mom is for me at times, nothing makes me more sad than the thought of them actually growing up. But it will happen. And in the depths of my soul, I really don’t want to miss it. I don’t want to be so stressed out that I can’t just ENJOY THEM. When they look back on pictures or memories in their own little brains, I want them to see me smiling. I want them to see me actually looking at them. I want them to remember that I hung streamers from the ceiling for EVERY BIRTHDAY and that they woke up to a celebration of life. A life worth celebrating.

I don’t want them to see the weight of the world on my shoulders. I want them to remember that I was busy, and working hard, and loving my job. But that it wasn’t at their expense. That maybe I was sleep deprived but I was ALWAYS happy to see them in the morning. Even if it was early. THEY are worth celebrating. And being a mom with purpose to me means, making an effort to do special things that will enhance their lives and make it better and more memorable than anyone else could do for them. Because after all is said and done, and we leave this world, all we leave behind are photographs… and memories. I want to flood their little minds with inspiration, beauty, and excitement. To purposely live each day to it’s fullest. And to remind them that while this world isn’t perfect, there IS beauty all around.

So I purposely made my two year olds birthday a super amazingly fun day for him. We hung streamers from the ceiling and took photos of them running through it. Then I left them up for three days. When I saw their little eyes sparkling at the blue and green crepe paper it really dawned on me. It doesn’t have to be much to make their world sparkle. And it’s my HONOR to flood their lives with celebration and to instill a passion for even the littlest things in live.

So I encourage you. Go out of your way to purposely do the little things that will make your children’s lives remarkably more exciting. Let them eat cookies for breakfast. Or play in the rain with no shoes on. Or help you cook dinner, even if it takes longer. Or even hang crepe paper from the ceiling on no occasion at all. For it’s the little things combined together that make up the heart beats of our lives. And when we are gone, all we have is memories. When I’m gone, I want my kids to pass on the memories and traditions that we’ve started to their kids and kids to come. To leave a legacy of celebration and of being a mom with a great purpose. Not only to raise good boys into Godly, obedient men. But men who have a passion for life and can celebrate the small things-

Even when life gets hard.

*Happiest birthday (two weeks ago) to my little Rider man. I never thought my heart could hold enough love for TWO little boys. But I was surprised to learn that when you have another baby, you grow another whole heart that’s full of all the same love. And it almost brings you to your knees because it’s so. much. love. True story. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without this little dude. And I am forever grateful he’s mine. 


4 thoughts on “being a mom with purpose.

  1. Oh I love that you shared this! Claire has taught me so so much about enjoying and celebrating the little things. Like she will be smiling and I will have to purposefully stop and pause and figure out what is making her happy. And it can be something as simple as a bird chirping or a funny sounding car engine. I love that our kids open our eyes to even more beauty in the world that we previously knew.

  2. Thanks for this, Jess. I have been struggling with postpartum depression since Jack was born and am starting to feel somewhat normal after 3 months, with lots of support and grace from God. This is so inspiring to see that it does get better and the overwhelming stress can go away and turn into overwhelming joy for your kids. I can’t wait (but I really CAN since he’s still so itty bitty) to be able to make happy memories with Jack. Happy Birthday to Rider! Those smiles are the BEST! 🙂

  3. Wow this is amazing! Jess you are so amazing, i want you to know how much of an impact you’ve been on me! Thank you for YOU! KEEP ON ROCKIN GIRL!!!!

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