exciting news.

I am SO excited to announce that you are looking at one of the newest contributing editors for Scottsdale Mom’s Blog!! It’s been a secret for just a little while, but I have been excitedly waiting for the news to get out!! And now it IS! I have been a fan and a partner with Scottsdale Mom’s Blog for over two years now. I’ve photographed a lot of their events and I’ve even guest posted a few times, talking about my experiences in being a working mom. So when the opportunity came about for me to be on the team of contributors, of course I was IN.

I am passionate about women. I’m passionate about motherhood. And I’m passionate about ENCOURAGING mom’s in motherhood. Because unless we have each other, it can be a scary, scary place. So now I have yet another avenue to inspire and encourage others that they are not alone, they can have it all (with balance and lots of patience) and that motherhood really CAN be all that you hoped and dreamed of. I am so excited and honored to be apart of this blog and this team of ladies who are all exceptional mammas, wives and professionals.

So, go check it out! It’s a fabulous blog for ANY mom, but especially if you live in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. And keep your eyes peeled for yours truly AND all the other ladies who will be posting there as well. There’s SO much great stuff to read over there. Don’t miss it!

*Photo taken by Mike Olbinski.


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