happy anniversary.

Nine years ago TODAY, we were getting married! It’s insane how quickly time went to arrive at nine years. It honestly seems like just yesterday that we were planning our wedding and getting ready to start our lives together. And I blinked and somehow we’ve been married for nine years, have two kids, a successful business, and a ministry that we adore being a part of.

It’s been easy. It’s been hard. It’s been everything in-between.

But I wouldn’t trade one single second for a life with anyone else here on earth. It’s my honor to live alongside this man. To be partners together in this life and raise our kids together has been the most thrilling journey. Ups and downs may come. May both of us grow and change as people. But I am so excited to someday be attending OUR grandkids weddings and to be the last ones on the dance floor for the couples dance because WE’VE been married for 50+ years.

How amazing is that? To spend more time together than you have apart. To commit your FULL lives to one another, even when it gets hard, things suck or the world is against us.

Marriage is an exciting journey. And I am so blessed to be married to the most amazing, humble, spirit filled leader. One who loves me even in light of all the mistakes I make and flaws I have.

I can’t wait until we are at ten years, twenty years, thirty, fifty. And may we always love each other more than we did the day before.


And PS: Jason and I are doing an anniversary photo shoot today with Mike Olbinski! Remember? The one I blogged about not too long ago? We. Are. So. Excited. And do you SEE the above photo? While it’s cute and we look incredibly happy, it’s seriously the ONLY wedding photo that turned out that day. So today we are redoing our wedding photos in a super artistic fashion. We can’t WAIT to share them with you. Follow me on Instagram at @stellardayblog. I’m definitely going to be posting pics through the day!


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