life keeps getting better.

I’ve seriously spent the past hour trying to figure out HOW ON EARTH do I even ATTEMPT to formulate into words, the experience that we had photographing this anniversary shoot. It sounds dramatic to say that it was one of the best anniversary’s we’ve ever had. BUT.

It was one of the BEST anniversary’s we’ve ever had.

And I felt prettier on my NINTH anniversary than I did on my actual wedding day. Boy I never saw THAT coming. It just goes to show that you really CAN be married for almost ten years, have two kids and be thirty and still look and FEEL awesome. Life just keeps getting better and better. Even when it’s hard, somehow it’s still BETTER. 

Here’s only a small handful of my favorites. I’m working on a blog post about the inspiration that I gathered for the shoot, why we wanted to do it, and why I think EVERY married couple should do this. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, check out these few. But you for reals need to head over to Mike Olbinski’s blog and check out the entire post. We had a crazy silly amount of fun resulting in photos that we will cherish forever.





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