scottsdale mom’s blog.

Two in one day?? Holla!!

This afternoon is an exciting one for me! I’m blogging for the first time as a contributing editor over at the Scottsdale Mom’s Blog! Today I’m sharing my heart on how important it is to PUT YOUR CELL PHONE DOWN so you can be present with your kids. It’s so very tempting to just ‘escape’ through the different social medias that we have at our finger tips instead of being intentional with our kids. I thought I’d jump right in with something meaningful and inspirational on some level and I’m hoping it speaks to other moms as well!

Check it out! I’m stoked to be there. I’ll be blogging there twice a month, so follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@stellardayblog) so you’re in the KNOW when I pop up there.

Have a fabulous day!!


2 thoughts on “scottsdale mom’s blog.

  1. The phone used to totally suck me in which is part of the reason why I got rid of my smart phone and went back to a regular talk/text phone…and I’m saving money that way too!

    • Oh I bet!! Ya it’s super hard to keep a balance for sure! Kudos to you for making the change, that’s seriously awesome! Especially if it’s better for your family! xoxo

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