reception dresses.

We shot an amazing wedding in Texas over the summer. Like, it was so amazing that it ALMOST makes me want to move there. (I said ALMOST.)

Texas is a pretty cool state, but what made it seriously rad was all the people we met there. Mark and Lauren (our bride and groom) are for reals good friends of ours now and Jason and I were just talking about planning a vacation to Texas specifically to see THEM.

I digress.

BUT. Mark and Lauren have got some serious style yo. And she left her reception in this adorable Ribboned Garland Dress from BHLDN. See?

Adorable, right? These two were so fun to photograph. I want to go back.

That said, I’ve been thinking about her reception dress ever since our time in Denton over the summer. And I seriously wish more brides would change out of their wedding dresses and into something they can party in for a little while before leaving! I just loved it. I searched Pinterest (duh!) and I came across a few others that I thought were really cute too. But Lauren’s dress definitely takes the cake!!

I just love how unique weddings can be these days. If it were me, I’d change my dress like three different times on my wedding day. It’s a fun idea and why not have a super good time with your wardrobe on your big day? For reals.

*First image is ours, from Session Nine Photographers. All other images were found on Pinterest.



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