denim jackets.

I created a small ‘ruckus’ the other day and I am setting my thoughts and my own fashion opinions straight. I made a brief comment on Instagram about how what we encourage our clients to wear or not wear. One of the things that I USUALLY include in the list of ‘DON’TS’, is denim jackets.


let me start by saying, that I am NOT a denim jacket hater. I just strongly, STRONGLY believe that they can be worn the wrong way. Now, I’m no stylist or major fashionista, but I definitely think there is a time and a place for a good ol’ denim jacket. I think incorporating it into any outfit, especially for a photo shoot, should be a strategic move. A jacket is an accessory, in my opinion. So it really should have a purpose and make some kind of a statement AND compliment your outfit. It should make sense for the shoot or even just for wherever you’re going.

I know lots of people would disagree with me about your typical, run of the mill, jean jacket. My own husband thinks they can look pretty cool at times, on the right person, and when appropriate.

(I happen to think the person that it looks the coolest on is James Dean.) 

The truth is, I just personally don’t really LIKE them. There’s nothing wrong if you want to wear one or own one. Even if it’s in style at the moment- I STILL don’t really like them. It’s nothing personal. It’s just not my favorite look. Did I used to own one in high school? HECK YEA I DID. IT WAS THE 90’S. But I don’t think I’d like to own one now.

It’s not really me.

I typically advise my clients to stay away from them personally, because I don’t think everyone can pull them off. I think it’s RARE to see someone pull it off the right way. If a client shows up in one, am I going to make them take it off? OF COURSE NOT. HA. I want my clients to look and feel their best! And if THEY LOVE their denim jacket and want to be photographed in it, then I’m of course going to rock the shoot for them! But if a client is ASKING, I will generally advise against too much denim, for fear of looking like we are from 1995, UNLESS the jacket fits the style of the shoot or has a purpose.

I found a very few exceptions to my own personal rule. These jackets, I would CONSIDER wearing. And actually, I really like this first one from Urban Outfitters because it is bad-A. But I would wear it and not CARE if it was in style or what people thought:

From Urban Outfitters. 

From Burberry.

From Old Navy.

From Refinery 29. 

Girl. If you like your jean jacket, NO SHAME.

Rock that thing and wear it with confidence. They just aren’t my favorite. Nor are they my favorite to photograph, unless there’s a creative design for it within the shoot. Especially when they are worn WITH jeans. HA. For me to wear one would mean that it would need to be unique like the first image. And I’d wear it knowing that not everyone would like it.

So I didn’t mean to create a stir! I got several texts and emails from people wondering if they shouldn’t wear their jackets anymore! That is NOT what I’m saying. It’s just not my personal fav. And that’s OK. That’s the glorious thing about fashion. We all express ourselves differently, and we all enjoy different things. Pretty amazing how God created us all to be unique and to style ourselves in different ways.

So no. I’m not a jean jacket HATER. It’s just not my favorite. That’s all.  I never want to wear something just because the fashion industry is telling me to. Or because it’s in stores and been in stores forever. I’d rather think outside the box and find a few jackets that speak to me and make me stand out.

I’d love to hear your thoughts too! Leave me some love. Please don’t hate on me because I’m not hating on you! Do you have a denim jacket? Do you love it? Or would you rather see that style fade?

Peace, yo. xoxo



One thought on “denim jackets.

  1. Well now I know EXACTLY what to do for your shoot! A throwback to 90s fashion- a Hypercolor T, overalls, Docs, AND A BLEACHED JEAN JACKET. If you don’t show up wearing this, I’m leaving.

    But seriously, you are spot on that fashion is a personal preference and expression of what we love- some it’s comfort, some it’s standing out, some it’s minimalism, etc. Some may take those differences personally, but it takes confidence to rock your own style no matter what anyone says- in the end, that’s what matters! Love you and your sweet heart, friend!

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