fabulous weekend.

I’M TIRED. Who isn’t, right?

We had the BEST WEEKEND EVER. We spent the entire weekend with a seriously rad couple who committed their lives to one another this weekend up north. It was such a great time! If you’ve never been up north and seen the Vermillion Cliffs, then you’re missing out. It seriously looked like a painting for miles and miles and miles. Our drive up on Friday was one of the best drives we’ve done in a long time. There were actually CLOUDS in the sky the WHOLE day. For Phoenix, this is huge. So I had a blast with my camera as we drove. Not my iPhone camera, my ACTUAL camera. That’s how amazing the scenery was. So I’ll be posting more photos from our trip soon. Today, I’m taking a short breath to rest and revisit everything that happened this weekend in my brain.

It’s so important to take time to rest. It’s not something I’m very good at, but constantly something God is trying to teach me to do. How can I be at my best if I don’t rest? It takes a major amount of discipline for me to sit, clear my mind, and focus on breathing. So I’m taking some time while it’s quiet to do just that.

Postings will be slower this week. We are in the thick of our busy season and wowzers, it’s kinda kicking my butt. But in two weeks we are taking the boys to Disneyland and that will be my break from all things crazy.

Yes, we are those parents who take their kids to Disneyland from birth. We LOVE Disneyland. And I figure, we aren’t promised tomorrow, so why wait until their eight to take them?? And most people believe that they won’t remember it at this age. WRONG. My kids totally remember AND love it. I can’t wait.

Happy Monday peeps. Hope you’re taking time to catch a breath as well!

Jess xo

*Photo taken by me with Session Nine Photographers.





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