The first time we took Cruz to Disneyland, he looked like this:

And we looked like this:

We look SEVERELY sleep deprived. And we were, being first time parents and all. Cruz was about 7 months old here. BUT, we never wanted to be parents that sat on the sidelines and didn’t go do fun things just because we were tired or because we thought the kids wouldn’t remember it. Getting them on the road and traveling as babies has instilled a sense of adventure in them already. They look forward to road trips and being in new places. Driving in the car isn’t really that big of deal because they’ve done it so much. We love bringing them along for the ride no matter where we are going!

And Disneyland has always been a fun and special place for us. Jason and I got engaged there, and it’s just something that we love to do as a family. I never wanted to ‘wait until the kids could remember the trip’. Yes, it’s expensive. But is it worth it? Totally. We have photos of both boys in the theme park as babies and we’ve made memories there as a family every single time. We aren’t promised tomorrow, so why wait until they are eight when we can embrace NOW and live life together? It’s totally worth the money and the hard work it takes to stroll toddlers around the park. I would do it time and time again.

PLUS, the boys DO understand, remember it, and look forward to going. They DO remember.

So we are heading to Disneyland in a few days again! Our annual trip has come! And we’ve conveniently planned it in the middle of our busy season to force us to SLOW DOWN, take a break and just enjoy the beginning of the holidays with our kids. Planning in chunks of time to enjoy it ourselves has become essential. Otherwise, the season tramples over us and our kids are left in the dust.

Work hard, play hard. That’s our motto around here.

Keep up with me on Instagram at @stellardayblog for daily updates of our trip. Or just life in general.



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