mother load.

WHOA, you guys. I am BACK from our Disneyland vacation. Like, I literally walked in the door just a few hours ago, got the kiddos to bed, put some stuff away, and sat down to my computer to find a MOTHER LOAD OF WORK FOR ME TO CATCH UP ON. Isn’t coming home from vaca a drag sometimes? But it’s worth the extra catch up work to get a few days away. I am planning on doing a full post about our vacation soon. And if you follow me on Instagram (@stellardayblog), then I’m sure you saw ALL the photos that I posted. I had SEVERAL people say to me, ‘Please don’t just tell me you’ll post pictures while you’re gone, and then not actually do it!’. SO, I made it a point to post a play by play of our vacation as it happened. If you follow me, thank you for following me! It was fun to share all that we did while we were gone.

BUT NOW. I am playing major catch up. So I’ll be up into the wee hours of the night tonight working away. And we are shooting weddings this weekend too. But I WILL be back blogging on Monday with a peek into my sisters baby shower that I threw last week! It was Alice in Wonderland themed and O.M.G. it was SO fun to throw. Not to mention it was for my niece whom I adore already and can’t wait to pinch her cheeks. So stay tuned for that!

But as for now, I’m going to go work so I can go to bed. Catch y’all on Monday!!

I’m saying y’all because it’s appearing that we might be possibly heading back to Texas in the near future! Woo hoo. We have friends to visit out there!! So if you’re one of them (and if you live in Texas and you’re reading this, then you probably are), then hold on to your boots because we’re coming for YOU. Well, most likely. Ha.




2 thoughts on “mother load.

    • I was going to text you!! haha I need a few more things to fall into place before I can give you all the DEETS. But it looks like we may be coming your way! xo

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