alice in wonderland.

For those of you who aren’t already aware, I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE. My sister is pregnant with her first baby GIRL this December, which means this little princess is my very first niece! I don’t have any nephews yet either, so I am going to be an Auntie for the very first time! Holy moly this little girl is going to be SO spoiled by me, she’s not even going to know what to do with herself!

So I had the privilege to throw my sister an adorably themed baby shower with Cassie, who is her life long best friend. We also had a LOT of help from eager hands who also equally love Cam, Dani and this little baby girl. So it was an AMAZING event and such a great night.

I’ll get to the photos since I know that’s what you want to see, but in a quick summary, it was an Alice in Wonderland themed shower. It’s my sisters favorite movie of ALL time and she LOVES everything AIW. So I started scouring Etsy for items that weren’t too cheesy or babyish, and I of COURSE started hunting Savers and all the Goodwills for items to make it perfect. Luckily for us, AIW is a theme that doesn’t have to match at all. In fact, the more MIS-matched, the better!

My sister LOVES LOVES LOVES desserts. So we made it a dessert shower, instead of the usual AIW Mad Hatter Tea Party. We actually didn’t serve hot tea at all, but had dozens of adorable tea cups to decorate the table. So we dressed up the table sorta like there was going to be a tea party, but then just served desserts instead. It was perfect. The table looked incredible and it was REALLY fun to design.

Oh how I love designing things. I love it even MORE when I have a vision and it comes to life! So fun.

It was a co-ed shower and we did serve some light dinner too! Sandwiches, potato salad, chips, dips, fruits, veggies. But then it was onto the desserts! No hokey games or guessing how big the belly is. Just eating, talking, relaxing and celebrating sweet baby Cadence who is still comfy cozy in my sisters belly!

First let me start by saying, I found this AWESOME, GIGANTIC pocket watch at Savers. Looks are deceiving because this thing is meant to hang on a wall, I’m pretty sure. And the numbers are backwards. It’s amazing. Best find for $3.99.

My Aunt Bev drove in from California to attend the shower AND to help us by making these FANTASTIC red velvet cupcakes in a jar. And to top it off, I put little tags on them that said ‘Take Me’. So Dani’s guests were all able to take them home as favors! Too cute, right? I got the tags at a cute little Etsy Shop called Plantables and Paper. Check out their stuff because it’s super cute!

Aren’t these clocks SWEET? I also got them off of Etsy at a shop called WindRosie. I ordered five of them and hung them all from this chandelier.

I found these printables at the last minute, probably two days before her shower. But I had to have them to make a cute banner! I ordered blue and red cards that had different images on them of the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, and the Red Queen’s card men. Adorable. The buyer even rushed them to me within 45 minutes of ordering them! You can find these on Etsy as well at a shop called Sassaby.

‘Drink Me’ and ‘Eat Me’ signs I used were all purchased at Plantables and Paper. And drinking homemade punch out of mason jars made it that much better! I want to drink out of Mason jars every single day please.

Ok, these signs were a last minute buy too! But they are darling! It came with four to an order from a shop called Whimsicle Design. I had them printed at Kinkos and then put them in these super simple frames I found at Walmart. They were the perfect touches to put around the different food and dessert tables.

Holy crap my hair is so long. The last time it was this long, I was ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED. Wowzers.

Here’s the ‘Eat Me’ signs I was talking about. And the most amazing cupcakes that Cassie brought. I don’t usually like frosting. But I was eating that stuff by the spoonful. Ok, that’s gross. But it happened so whatev.

Don’t let these pom poms fool you! They’re cute but a total nightmare to put up! It was worth it though and I found them at Michael’s.

And this was the full dessert spread. Amazing. It was SUCH a fun shower to throw. Cassie and I had so much help together and it was such a fun night celebrating my sweet niece who is due right around Christmas time! Merry Christmas to me, right?? Holy moly I am so excited I’m not sure I’m going to know what to do with myself!!

So there is it, folks. How I managed to throw a shower like this in the middle of our busy season is beyond me! BUT, it actually wasn’t too stressful and I had a lot of help. And it was for my sister, brother in law and Cadence so it would have always been worth it no matter what.

Now. Where are the leftover chocolate waxy donuts? 😉


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    • Aww thanks so much Shari! You’re too sweet! And I’d LOVE to be apart of your wedding however you want girl! Love ya! xoxo

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