birthday boy.

I can’t believe that Cruz is FOUR. Time seriously flies after you become a mamma. I feel like there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that he’s just turned four. And he keeps talking about how he’s going to turn five next year and I want to push a PAUSE BUTTON or banish him to his room forever so he won’t grow up!! HA.

But he did, in fact, turn four this past weekend. We had a great time celebrating him, including a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese! He LOVES Chuck E Cheese. So we invited some of his buddies and headed there to enjoy some games, rides and PIZZA. We had cupcakes, he opened presents, and partied WAY too hard. 

I’m so proud of this kid. He is amazing and such a light to our lives. I enjoy so much watching him grow up and becoming who God created him to be. He had such a great birthday weekend.

And a semi-sad growing up moment for me? This was the first birthday party that he had that I found myself making a kids table and an adults table. He definitely wanted to sit with all of his friends this time. So I scooted on down and watched him eat his dinner with all his buds from the other end. It made my heart sad AND full at the same time. I love that he’s growing up. But it’s definitely happening too fast.

Regardless, he had an amazing weekend. So much so, that this morning he woke up with a massive double ear infection!! WOO HOO (dripping sarcasm). SO, I have been dealing with the aftermath of the birthday-itis. But all in all, it was an awesome and exciting time for him to celebrate with family and his little buddies.

What a cool little boy. Happy Birthday to my Cruz. I can’t believe you are FOUR.


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