simple curtains.

I get the urge every year at about this time, to redesign my entire house. I’m not sure if it’s the festivity of the season or if I just get bored of how stuff looks in my house. But every year, without fail, I want to completely remodel everything.

And then Pinterest comes along and makes it easy AND impossible to do exactly that all at the same time.

Darn you, Pinterest.

When I start to feel this way, I try to just tackle a few small things in my home. Something to liven up the space a little and that will pacify my need to tear down walls or repaint what has already been painted etc. Just a small touch of something different is sometimes all you need.

So lately, I’ve been really wanting to just get new curtains. Especially curtains in the kitchen. I have always wanted curtains in my kitchen and I have actually never made the time to have them. So, THIS IS MY YEAR, PEOPLE. As weird (or not weird?) as it may sound, I really love curtains and what they can do to an entire room. Here is a few of the ideas on Pinterest that I liked.

Plain and simple. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to inspire me. It can be the simplest of things.

Like, curtains.

*All images found on Pinterest. 


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