christmas treats.

This year I’m trying to be super careful about what I’m eating. I’m trying to enjoy the season but also make sensible choices. I don’t want to get to January and feel nasty, like I only ate my way though December.


So I’m trying to find a balance. And I have never really been super good at finding the balance when it comes to food. I feel a more detailed, therapeutic  blog post coming on. And maybe I SHOULD write about my struggles with food. Another day.

Today, I’m sharing just a few different Christmas food displays that inspired me! I don’t have enough time to host a lot of parties, but I wish I did! Setting up yummy and fun food displays like this would be so cool. Maybe I’ll make a couple of these to take to the Christmas parties that I will be attending this season.

Santa hats on brownie bites?? Too cute! Plus, the strawberry is a total bonus. And time you can add fruit to a dessert you can sign. me . up. Found on Pinterest.

Martha Stewart always has fabulous ideas, yes? How about these Meringue Swirls! You can box them up as gifts or just bring them with you to a holiday party you might be attending. The recipe looks fairly simple too. Which is good for me because well… you know.

OMG. How cute. And I’m a sucker for a good sugar cookie! Plus, Cruz and Rider can probably help me make these! Ok, maybe just Cruz. Maybe. Regardless, these would be such a fun thing for the kiddos to eat! Found on Pinterest.

Soooo pretty. What a gorgeous display to have if you’re hosting a party this year! AND, it’s mostly healthy minus the sprinkle of white chocolate. But who doesn’t need or want a sprinkle of chocolate? I mean, RIGHT? You can find the instructions for this bad boy HERE.

You can’t ever go wrong with a good old fashioned candy apple. Image found HERE. But I’d seriously scour Martha’s site for a how-to on these goodies.

These are almost too cute to eat. Almost. Image found on Pinterest.

Cupcakes are always a win in my book. And I love that these look like little wreaths. You can find the recipe HERE.

I tried making pretzels like this one year and it was an EPIC DISASTER. I can only wish and dream that mine looked like this! But it would definitely be worth trying again. Especially if this goodness is the end result! Image found HERE. But this little blog has A LOT of other Christmas treats that all look amazing as well.

So there’s just a few of my favs that have inspired me to think outside the box a little bit when it comes to holiday treats. And a lot of these aren’t even hard or time consuming! We’ll see what I end up doing/making. Given that there’s time and that my kitchen doesn’t blow up.

Just saying. I’m no Betty Crocker, yo.









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