emotional breakdown.

Stellar Day, Just Me, Emotional BreakdownYou know how there are moments in your life, when you realize that you maybe should just take a step back before things get really ugly? Ya that happened to me yesterday. The stress of the season has finally caught up to me and I had a full blown emotional breakdown last night.

I mean, whoa. My poor husband, who just stood there listening to it all as I unraveled for a bit. But you know what?


That said, today’s post was SUPPOSED to be filled with things that are inspiring me right now. Because even when I’m feeling drained, tired, and worn down, I DO still find a lot of inspiration in this life. And I was going to share that with you here today.

But because of yesterdays sobfest, I am going to take a few steps back, BREATHE, find something to do that is just for relaxation for an afternoon, and come back to the drawing board tomorrow.

Because sometimes you gotta just STEP BACK and KNOW YOUR LIMITS.

So I guess todays inspiration is just to encourage each of you to do just that. While we ARE capable of handling a lot, we CAN’T do it ALL. I can manage a crazy amount of details before I reach my breaking point. But last night, I was almost at my breaking point. And that’s when you know something needs to change. That’s when I know that things are out of balance for me. So I need to take a little time, or maybe just a serious nap, and reevaluate exactly what it is that I am doing.

So pretty, fluffy inspiration posts will have to wait. Life is happening to me, and while I am totally OK, I am still slightly overwhelmed. So I am taking the day to breathe. I hope you do too!

Happy Monday, peeps.


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