christmas love.

Jason and I ALMOST got married around Christmas. We knew we wanted to get married on the 27th of any given month (that’s another long story), and in 2003 the 27th landed on a Saturday three times that year. We got engaged in January, so we had our pick of either April, September, or December. We decided on September,  mostly because we didn’t want to wait a WHOLE year. And April was SUPER close. Like, whoa. So we did September and it was perfect. But the idea of getting married in December was always super romantic to us. And if we lived somewhere that snowed, we most likely would have gone for it and tied the knot around Christmas. But we didn’t and I’m perfectly happy with our anniversary when it is. Obviously. HA.

BUT, that doesn’t mean I can’t look at and still enjoy all the Christmas weddings! I love red and white together. And there’s something just so festive about having a wedding during this time of year. So I’m sharing some Christmas wedding inspiration that I love. And if you’re getting ready to tie the knot between now and New Years, CONGRATS. What an amazing time of year to get married!

Stellar Day, Wedding Details, Christmas, Inspiration 47991552251024896_4mWs86yU_c

Both of these first two photos are from Green Wedding Shoes. Earlier this month, they did a Swedish Christmas wedding inspiration post, and I really loved it. I love the colors and the beauty that’s in these photos. Check out the full post HERE.

I. heart. red. wedding. dresses. Holy moly I want one. Image found on Pinterest.121386152425971822_yZWAnpZC_c 121386152426016178_ZOIs5p2V_c

Image found on Style Me Pretty.277745501990526966_0eb7l3N8_c

288019338638802259_nJ0T19gu_cSo pretty. Images found on Pinterest.

I hope you all are having an amazing Christmas season. Getting married or not, may you find joy in the pretty things wherever you go!

Happy day!


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